Welcome to Experience Processwork

Learn and practice Processwork and deep democracy awareness techniques developed by Arnold Mindell.

We follow nature

Join us to follow your dreams, your body, and the spontaneous signals of our collective dreaming process.

Find Meaning, Transformation, Empowerment, Purpose.  

This is a community space for people interested in the work of Arnold Mindell - process oriented psychology, Processwork, deep democracy, worldwork - from curious to expert. 

We follow nature into the unknown. 

Unpredictable, creative, and sometimes messy!


Hosted by the Process Work Institute (Portland, Oregon).

Go deeper into the things that matter.

Why Join?

  • Connect with other people interested in Processwork and deep democracy
  • Explore our library of free video content, resources and links to find out more about Processwork.  
  • Learn skills and concepts through online classes and community events 
  • Find professional continuing education and well-being courses for relaxation, meaning and transformation
  • Create community by sharing experiences and learning together
  • Find a Processworker for individual sessions or group facilitation
  • Go deeper with skill mastery through the Certificate in Processwork and the Processwork Diploma Learning Path
  • Find out about processwork happenings around the world.